On her way

Its been a long journey,
and she’s come somewhere.
But now she’s barely the her,
she knew, before she got there..

It’s a good thing,she tries to tell herself…
although she’s does miss the old her, when she was twelve.
She’s braver, more courageous now,
yet occasionally the ghosts of her past still haunt her somehow.

This place , is exactly where she’s meant to be,
but old habits die hard and she is no anomaly.
All the battles, all the scars, all the barriers she broke to get to the stars,
dont let her forget a reality thats no more her part.

But she’s a warrior, like she always was,
and no more does she let things get to her heart.
The walls are high and the gates are barred,
but the heart within, remains unarmed.

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