Yours truly

Today, I sat down in front of the mirror, and closed my eyes…

And when i opened them again,

I saw something more brilliant than summer skies.

Curly strands of black hair adorned her forehead

Her dark brown eyes , long lashes complemented

They were like pools of honey in sunlight

and if you looked close enough,

You could see all the sadness ,on which the happiness lied

I can tell you, she thought her nose was too big, and her ears too small

but if you’d seen the way it crinkled when she laughs,

I bet you would want to show her, what you saw.

I want to tell you about her charming smile,

It was like warm cup of coffee on a cold winter night.

Ever so comforting, ever so nice.

Her hands, oh so soft and delicate.

But the way they held her dreams in that small fist,

I know she would fulfil them, she was so passionate.

I want to thank her, this girl

sitting in front of me…

Thinking if she’s good enough, trying to flee

Thank her, for making me brave, making me strong

showing me the places I went wrong.

Her precious heart that is beating for me,

for keeping me alive, passionate and free.

I love you, and I’ll keep you safe…

Our journey is long, so be brave.

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