This story is of the day when the seasons changed for the first time on planet Earth. Summer has just passed, and it was monsoon now. The rain was pouring down heavily, as though announcing its arrival. An old, wise cloud was floating above the forest when he saw a dejected tree sitting there with its trunk drawn down. So the old cloud called out to the tree, “Hey there kiddo! Not enjoying these new rains, are we?”

The tree looked up with teary eyes and said, “No sir, I’m alright.”

“Come on! You can talk to me… . Believe me, I’ve seen more stuff than you’ve ever imagined”, said the cloud in a deep, calming voice.

The tree said, “I knew this was coming… . The change… from summer to monsoon. And I thought I was prepared for it, I really was Mr. Cloud. But now that it is finally here, I’m falling apart. I don’t think I can do this. It’s so different, uncomfortable… and new.”

The old cloud replied with a gentle crease of confusion on his forehead, “But there’s a word in the woods, saying you weren’t really happy with the summer either, is that true kiddo?”

“Um… Yes sir. But that was because the summer sun was too hot, some of my leaves got burnt because of it too. And my roots did not get enough water because all the other trees took up most of it. It always felt like there wasn’t enough space for all of us… . And now it feels like there’s too much space. The sun doesn’t come out anymore and it’s always so cold and gloomy. I miss my friends, the rain drowned some of them, and some got carried away farther with the river… . I’ll never make new friends”, cried the tree, putting her trunk down.

“Don’t cry, it’s alright”, said the cloud hugging the tree, “Summer, monsoon, autumn, winter and then summer again… . Seasons change kiddo, and you can accept it and learn to be happy in all of them… . And that is all you can do. You can’t hold on to one season for life. Even the same season in a different place, or at different time is not the same. So instead of waiting for a particular season to be happy, why not make the best of each season, and be your own happiness? Your burns from summer hurt even more when the rain falls on them, because sometimes you need to hurt to truly heal. All of these are phases in your life, and they are going to give you new and different experiences. Not all of these will be good, but the bad ones will teach you what you need to learn and make you wiser. So take them all with you, and don’t be afraid to try new things. It’s all a part of growing up. Now wipe your tears, and enjoy the rain, it’ll bless your heart, I promise.”

The tree then danced in the rain, and finally understood that it was not the seasons, but her own self that made her the happiest. She did not need any particular season to be happy, she was happy and content in all of them. She was her own constant in the forever-changing seasons in life.



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